Nox Mente with guest Robert Phoenix

Nox Mente, or Night Mind in Latin, is a weekly show where we interview people about their dreams. Join us as we mine the collective consciousness for truth.

Last night’s guest was Robert Phoenix (

Robert has been studying the esoteric arts for over 30 years. As a student of the late Karen Lundegaard, he became a professional psychic and was part of one of the first psychic phone networks in the world.  After conquering the offline world, he moved his focus to the web. In 2008 he started where he decodes and unpacks contemporary culture through the use of his intuitive gifts, tarot, and astrology.

Aside from being a world-renowned astrologer, Robert also hosts a daily show called Fifteen Minutes of Flame and the Friday FARCast. In his show, Robert provides a special blend of news, astrology, commentary and esoteric correlations; that reveal to you the true nature of your reality. Robert is a writer, teacher, radio host, astrologer, social reverse-engineer, and was once even called the “Anthony Bourdain” of astrology.


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